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One of the fastest load times you will find anywhere. It’s also got a 99.98% uptime guarantee (they’re often running at 100%). Not only that, HostGator’s packages are competitively priced, offer great customer support, and deliver an overall terrific user experience.

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We test web hosts thoroughly and often to give you the best overview of the hosting market. Bluehost came out on top overall and continue to be a market leader. A great all round web host with excellent uptime levels (99.97%), phenomenal customer support and fast instant load times. Ideal for small businesses and people wanting to start their first blogs or websites.


Prices: From $2.95 p/m + Free Domain

Easy to use control panel

Payment: All major credit cards & PayPal

One click installations

Instant account activation



Ratings out of 10

UPTIME 99.97%

Bluehost has very impressive and consistant uptime levels.


10/10 for support and assistance. Always very helpful and quick get in contact with them.


WordPress hosting which has 100% compatibility with all WordPress features and plugins.


WordPress.org recommends using Bluehost plans themselves. Bluehost offers optimised or managed WordPress hosting plans with automatic backups and updates. WordPress recently published a post on WordPress.org on the 4 best WordPress hosting companies. This included Bluehost along with Siteground, Dreamhost and Flywheel.


The provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that first-time Bluehost users can try out their preferred hosting package for a period of 30-days and continue with it only if they like.

They can choose not to continue with Bluehost services within 30 days and get their money back as a refund. This is a great confidence builder by Bluehost and if the user reviews are anything to go by, very few opt out of their services.


Price from: $3.92



Ratings out of 10

Various Plans and Pricing

A2 offers a variety which is evident in the types of hosting plans that it provides. Based on your requirements, you can select a hosting plan that suits your needs best.


Would you not like your website to load superfast? Loading up in an instant for your visitors?

Of course, most of us would like our websites to impress our visitors with quick loading and navigation. If you have designed a great looking website with quality content, then you only need solid performance for it to attract the maximum amount of traffic.

This is where a hosting provider like A2Hosting helps you. The A2 web host has changed the way webmasters look at shared hosting services and even offers amazing speed with shared hosting.

Well, this is not to say that speed is the sole criteria on which you determine the selection of your website’s host. There is no single hosting company that can claim to be the best for all webmasters and websites. Depending on your needs, you will find a particular hosting provider to be a better fit than others. Hence, it does not always make sense to just go to the first Google search result page for the top hosting companies to select one for yourself because there are so many web hosts like A2 that may just be the perfect fit for the requirements of your website.


Now that you know a little bit about the company’s history and how it has evolved, it is time to take an in-depth look at the various hosting features offered by A2. You can pay special attention to the features that matter most to you when selecting your ideal web host.

Performance – Speed and Uptime

Well, one of the prime areas of focus when selecting a web host should definitely be the uptime of the host. Irrespective of the type of your website or your business, you would definitely want your site to be available to your visitors for the vast majority of the time, with as little disruption as possible.

This is where A2 offers you what you want! It claims to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and most of the existing customers confirm this (if the reviews are anything to go by). In fact, one of our websites run on this host and it has been offering 100% uptime for the last six months.

One of the ways that A2 Hosting ensures that uptime is maximised, is by taking measures to limit the amount of people on a shared hosting server. Taking steps to prevent overstuffing reduces the demand placed on a server with any spikes in traffic or resource requirement. This is further enhanced through caching to store information in people’s browsers so they don’t have to pull information from your website every time they visit, some of the resources are saved in the browser cache.

Apart from the considerably high uptime, the good part about A2 is that the company has been completely transparent about it. Their server uptime statistics is publicly revealed as they are being tracked by a third-party, such as WebsitePulse.

As far as website performance and speed is concerned, it is one of their biggest USP. A2 loves speed which explains the use of SSDs and turbo servers (up to 20x faster) to maintain extremely high page load speeds at all times.